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Field Description Type Examples
*name Description of the POI. string Piazza del Duomo
*overall Rates overall data for the corresponding timeframe. LocationRatesPoiOverall
*saturation Saturation data for the corresponding timeframe. Saturation
*location Location of the POI in spatial coordinates. Coordinates
*poi_class Hotel stars rating in the range [1,5], only for POI with "poi_category": "hotel". int 4
*poi_category Identifies the sub-typology of the POI. string Dictionary
*poi_industry Identifies the super-typology of the POI. string Dictionary
*city City to which the POI belongs. string Firenze
*address Textual address of the POI. string Piazza del Duomo
picture URL of an image related to the POI. string
Field Description Type Examples
*latitude Latitude expressed in the range [-90, 90]. decimal 43.7730912
*longitude Longitude expressed in the range [-180, 180]. decimal 11.2554649
Field Description Type Examples
average Average accommodation offers price in Euros. decimal 88.44
*percentiles Accommodation offers percentiles values expressed in Euros. array[Percentile]
Field Description Type Examples
*request Requested percentile expressed in the range (0, 1), e.g. 0.5 (the median). decimal 0.5
*response Resulting value of the request percentile. decimal 73.00
Field Description Type Examples
*total_offers Total number of accommodation offers. int 1106
*available_offers Number of available accommodation offers. int 729
*saturation Occupancy ratio in the range [0,100] calculated by the following formula.
decimal 34.09